22 March, 2013

Magic happens when you “wind down”

Establish a “winding down” period in the evenings just prior to bedtime. Try to free your mind of distracting or troublesome thoughts and engage in a relaxing, enjoyable activity like reading, listening to music, or watching a pleasant film.

16 March, 2013

DeRose Method

All we need

No matter what your age is, your cultural status, your job, your beliefs... everyone longs for the same: Love, affection and appreciation.

08 March, 2013


How is the "YOU Business Lda" is going?
How well is documentary your dreams ?

If we don't have a dream it will never come true. If we have one then it may come true.

Levels of Dreams/ Goals:
  1. Wave dreams/ goals: way of bad situation or fix a problem.
  2. Positive goals: thinks we want to achieve. Where we want to go.
  3. Not about ourselves but others. Something we want to provide for the society. We open ourselves to a massive achievement. Difference of what we need and what we can achieve.

Do your Plan! Write down a Bucket list!
Where to go? What to create?  Restaurants? Experiences? People to meet? ....

How fun that could be?