03 August, 2012

We live of Love!

Sejamos como o Sol

Em todos os planos da criação,
sejamos como o Sol,
esplendorosos como deuses.
Que isso estimule nossas mentes.

(Gáyatrí Mantra segundo a linhagem shakta)

15 April, 2012

quero é viver

Vou viver
até quando eu não sei
que me importa o que serei
quero é viver

Amanhã, espero sempre um amanhã
e acredito que será
mais um prazer

e a vida é sempre uma curiosidade
que me desperta com a idade
interessa-me o que está para vir
a vida em mim é sempre uma certeza
que nasce da minha riqueza
do meu prazer em descobrir

encontrar, renovar, vou fugir ou repetir

(by Humanos)

10 March, 2012

Concepts for a fulfilled life

Is there anything better than waking up each morning and feel alive?!
With no expectations that today will be a better day than yesterday, or that the day after will be better than today.

That good sensation that everything is right, and on its own place. And no matter what happens, everything will remain the same, perfect and harmonious. Much more subtle than happiness, with no euphoria, but rather a satisfaction in the form of  a conscious pleasure.
Under this feeling, in our lives and those of others, it is possible to identify a common pattern: an ideal, a purpose, a dream or some other project in life.
But then, everyone has dreams. The question is, how much energy and effort do you put in them? Is any of your dreams part of your ideal of life, does it really make a difference in the way you do things, in the way you act? Does your dream mould your personality, the way you see things? Is your life project bigger than yourself?

Every human being has an intuitive channel. It works as a kind of inner voice. This channel is so strong that escapes any attempt of understanding. it is at this level that our true desires are expressed, without any judgment, they flower in their purest essence.
These are moments of pure clarity in which we allow ourselves to set up goals in accord with our heart.

The DeRose Method practice increases lucidity. With the strengthening of the biological structure and the increase of concentration, it produces the expansion of consciousness.
The result is, after a short while, a better use of the intuitional channel, greater clarity and prosperity in all levels: physical, emotional and intellectual.

Practice with discipline and with pleasure.
Plan it: define what really is important in your life. Take time for everything that brings prosperity and stability. Just go for it!

The world does not need heroes. The world needs rather more conscious human beings. Start this by working on yourself!